Historic Spanish Wines Celebrated at Oct. 19 Wine Dinner

October 10th, 2016 Cookbook

Rich history and unique terroir combine to create unparalleled sparkling and dry wines at the Spanish vineyard Raventos i Blanc. We celebrate and experience a selection at our dedicated wine dinner on Wednesday, October 19.

Raventos’ winemaking legacy in northeastern Spain dates to 1497. Their wines reveal their mastery of the art, and our chefs have planned a menu that complements the selections chosen by our sommelier, Justin Chamoun.


The dinner is inspired by Justin’s recent visit to the Raventos winery in Pendes, Spain, where he was privileged to lunch with owner Manuel Raventos in his private library.
Manuel Raventos

“He told me the fascinating history of the vineyard, pulling books from the library’s shelves and describing the visits of kings and queens over the centuries. It was humbling to know that the vineyard has been running since America was just beginning to be formed! Even more impressive is the quality of Raventos wines and their value. Our first dinner there was at an amazing restaurant and we were blind-tasting the Raventos sparkling wines versus true French Champagnes, and couldn’t tell the difference. We all argued over which was which during every single course. This is so remarkable because the weather in Penedes, Spain, is not like the weather in Champagne, nor do these use the same grapes or have the same type of soil conditions.”

Let your palate be the judge at our October wine dinner.
$80 per person
Please reserve soon at 727-873-7964
as space is limited